Currently VP of Product at Badger Maps, Inc.

This is just a place for me to write about things I’ve thought a lot about. I make no claims, I am not an academic, and it’s pretty likely I don’t know what I’m talking about or have significant gaps in my understanding of the problem.

More Information

I’m not interested in any employment opportunities at this time, but hey, /r/changemymind

In my time at Badger I have:

  • Created product roadmaps, built out PRDs for multiple complex feature sets, and guided implementation
  • Designed and implemented the front end of a complex map-based web application that is fully responsive
  • Designed native iOS and Android Apps and managed the team that builds them
  • Managed and built a highly complex website with sub-second load times (despite heavy use of video and images)
  • Designed strategy around supporting our product with incredibly talented online support reps from the Philippines
  • Designed an SEO strategy that brought us from a handful of signups a week to a thousand for a niche product category
  • Built out a team of content writers as well as our workflow for building out thousands of pages for this SEO strategy
  • Built out our analytics implementation using best practices to measure conversion rates from different traffic sources

Contact me

[email protected]