How to Not Be Cynical

Photo by Joel Holland

Photo by Joel Holland

I was watching YouTube and I ran into this remarkable interview:

Ruby is incredible. It's clear that she is just a force of nature. She exudes life at the age of 87, and as 'limber as a dishrag', she just seems invigorated.

I've often been accused of being overly critical. I like to think I am, on the overall, a pretty optimistic person. I feel like most problems are solvable and that life is getting better and better. This period of time is, imo, one of the most exciting to be alive.

On the one hand, my critical nature has given me an eye for details and a high bar that I set for myself. On the other, I do worry that my critical nature can often bleed into and tinge experiences that could otherwise be really pleasant and enjoyable. It's very much so a double-edged sword.

My wife Sara is much more even keeled. She has a balanced nature, is generally happy, and often brings joy to those who spend time in her company. She balances me, and often makes me realize that I need to chill a little bit. Maybe enjoy the short time we have here.

I want to write about this a bit more, but @visakanv and @nickcammarata have been some of my favorite follows more recently because of their incredible focus on positivity in a way that feels legible to me. Visa often encourages frame changes, while Nick focuses on meditation and qualia.

Can you be critical without being cynical? Without becoming overly judgmental?

It feels like a difficult tight rope to walk.

Life is amazing! It's incredible we get this opportunity!

I hope I don't waste too much of it focusing on the wrong things.